House Rasdovain



This is a minor noble family that is beholden to House Arvanxi. The family has seen much misery in the last years and almost nothing is left of it. Only a few members remain and except for the mansion that stands mostly empty they have no possessions, property of wealth. Content Not Found: aeliana-rasdovain is part of this family.


House Rasdovain is has been a noble family for more than 150 years. The first baron was Morvius Rasdovain who was a war hero of his time and gained his title in 4555. During the next fifty years, house Rasdovain prospered and grew rich by running and investing much in several merchant houses. During the civil war, the decline began and much wealth was lost. When the dust settled and House Thrune ruled in Cheliax, house Rasdovain declined support to the new rulers just like all the others noble houses in Westcrown. After being robbed of the title capital of Cheliax by the new rulers, the decline of Westcrown began, taking most of its citizens with it, including house Rasdovain.

When Aerodus became the new baron in 4674, things changed. He never had been interested in political games he could not win. What he cared about was increasing the family fortunes, and he was good at it. He already was the head of merchant house since he was 27, and had invested in several others that made good profit. Everything went perfectly and as the wealth of house Rasdovain increased, so did its power. This ended abruptly in 4706, when Aerodus, his wife, and his two eldest sons were accused of fraud and treason. They were found guilty. Aerodus and his wife were sentenced to death and publicly executed together with their two eldest sons and their wives and a granddaughter. The merchant house was shut down, and the investments were confiscated.

House Rasdovain

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