Aeliana Rasdovain

Aeliana is a rather bright young woman. She makes a living as an acrobat or stagehand, wherever she can find work in or near theaters.


Physical Description

- Age: 22 (born in 4687)
- Height: 5’10" (1.77m)
- Weight: 147lbs(66kg)
- Eyes: Dark brown
- Hair: Very dark brown, rather long and always worn in a braid
- Skin: Pale
- Build: Athletic

Aeliana is tall for a woman. She is even taller than many men with her 5’10” (1.77 m). She cannot diminish her size, but she hides most of her other physique with her clothing. The first layer is a long sleeved shirt and breeches that are tied at her ankles. Over that she wears a knee long high neck dress with short wide sleeves. Finally she adds an ornamented leather belt with a matching pouch on her left side. In the summer she wears sandals, in the winter low boots. Her clothing is always clean and of above average quality but never in fashion. When it is cold and rainy, Aeliana adds a hooded cloak.

Aeliana has a very light skin, dark brown eyes, and thick nearly black hair. Her hair is long and she always wears it in a braid. Sometimes the braid just hangs loose, at other times it is pinned up. Aeliana has rather thin lips, large eyes, high cheekbones and average eyebrows. If it wasn’t for a scar on her right cheek just under her eye, she might be called pretty. The only jewellery are a few rings, one of them a signet ring.

Even though Aeliana stands straight and somewhat proud, she is not intimidating. Far from. She radiates some kind of naivety that sometimes attracts the wrong individuals, and most of the time she is absent mindedly smiling in herself, seemingly not where everyone else is. It is easy to catch her off guard. Aeliana is not easily overlooked, but unless she puts her mind to it, she is often ignored.

Sometimes, Aeliana can be seen with bow on her back, and in those cases she also wears leather forearm guards and a quiver on her back.


Aeliana is a devout follower of Shelyn, she openly expresses that and visits a shrine of Shelyn at least once a week. She also prays to Abadar. In addition to that, she pays lip service to Asmodeus and visits a mass in his temple on average once every two months


Early years (4687 – 4692)

I was born on a cold and rainy day on 19 Calistril in the year 4687 in my parents house. My father, Lucius Rasdovain, has often remembered me about it, as both my younger siblings were born on beautiful sunny spring days. I was born early, so it was still winter. My mother, Livia Rasdovain Drogare, did not care. I was her first-born and somehow I have always been her favourite child. I think it mostly comes from the fact that I am the only one of her three children that resembles her.

My brother Brucino was born in spring 4689, when I was 2 years old, and my sister Marcia followed a year later. I was the smartest of the three us by a long shot, but I greatly lacked their wisdom, charisma and ambition. Especially that last factor is why my mother liked me and my father did not.

As a small child as was quite happy, at least that is what mother told me. My father was still mostly sober, his career was going up and there were hardly any arguments within my father’s family. My father was a great actor who could play many different roles. My mother was responsible for the costumes of the cast in a theatre called The Crown, which was owned and run by her father. I never new my grandmother who had already passed away few years before I was born.

When I was 4, my grandfather died as well and my uncle Reginus Drogare took control of The Crown. He was more ambitious than my grandparents had been. He wanted better and grander plays so that he could in the end attract the wealthier and more influential people in Westcrown. My mother continued working there and took her children with her as my uncle was more strict about working hours and presence. I practically grew up in the place. Looking back, I spent more hours there than at home.

That is one side of my family, who had devoted their lives to theatres and the performing arts. My father was the fourth son of Baron Aerodus Rasdovain. Even though Westcrown was in decline and took most of its citizens with it, Aerodus, his wife and their eldest two sons had an eye for trade and investments. House Rasdovain prospered. My father, knowing he would never inherit any titles or much wealth, decided on another career. He became an actor. My third uncle, Martius, also did not join his elder two brothers and became a Dottari, a city guard. He was looked down upon and shunned but he did not care. He enjoyed the simple live as a city guard officer.

House Rasdovain (4692 – 4694)

Until I was five, we did not visit my father’s relatives much as he tried to avoid them as much as he could. During one visit though, my grandmother Boudra was home, which was a rarity. It was a shock for her to see how I was dressed, the way I posed and behaved. No matter if her son had wasted his life, we were still nobility and should dress and act accordingly. Against the will of my parents, I was forced to live at the Rasdovain mansion for half a year, where I was instructed on how to walk, sit, talk, eat and many more things regarding etiquette. In addition to those lessons, I learned numbers, and how to read and write and that opened a whole new world for me.

I was not the only one though. Two nieces and nephew, children of my two oldest uncles, were there as well. They were approximately my age. The three of them were close and they had lived in the mansion since they were born. All three of them were spoiled brats who had virtually seen nothing of the world outside the environment of the rich and nobles. To them, I was nothing more than a tramp, and they treated me as such. From the day I went to the mansion, I was bullied. When I told the nanny, she told me that if I did not take care of myself properly, than I deserved it. From my grandmother I got the same answer.

The mansion was huge, especially for a five year old girl and there were plenty of places where I could hide. The only thing I had to take care of was to be in time for classes, breakfast and dinner. If I ever was too late, especially for classes, then I would get physical punishment. Whenever a new hide-out was discovered by my bullies, I would go looking for a new one. After two months, I found a perfect spot just under the roofridge of the attic. To reach it, I had to cross a narrow beam around which the floor had rotten away. In the past this area might have been used for storage. There was a safe piece of floor just in front of a small circular window. I could not be seen from below and I had a good view of the streets in front of the house.

One time, when things went worse than usual, I went to my hide-out, crying, and vowed never to go back down. A search was started when my disappearance was discovered but that day they did not find me. I heard people walking on the regular attic floor below me calling my name, but I kept quiet. That night, I was hungry and cold. When I woke up, one of the guards of the Rasdovain mansion was sitting crossed legged on the narrow beam. He smiled at me. I was terrified but I could not run. After having reassured me that he did not intend to turn me in but wanted to help me, I relaxed somewhat. His name is Cohel. He convinced me to go back down, face the punishment, and that after the afternoon lessons, he would pick me up for some special training so that I might stand up to my bullies. He thought that I did not deserve what was happening to me, regardless of house protocol.

Four weeks later, I was ready to face my bullies. It was not much of a training I had received according to Cohel, but it was enough to give me the upper hand in the upcoming fight. I already was physically stronger and more agile than my opponents, so I should be able to get the edge with his training. Cohel ensured me he would be near. That afternoon, for the first time in three months, I stood my ground against my nieces and nephew. As expected, there was a fight. I challenged them to. First against my oldest niece, who went down fast. My other niece and nephew came up next while my oldest niece had scrambled away to get help.

There was a lot of yelling and pushing, which attracted more than a little attention. One of them was my grandmother. My youngest niece screaming as if she was about to die but was only bleeding from her nose when grandmother arrived. I was on the floor wrestling my nephew. Cohel was nearby. Grandmother did not interfere. My uncle wanted to when he arrived, but he was kept at bay by Cohel, or so I later learned. Not so much time later, I was sitting on top of my nephew and he yielded, promising he would leave me alone from now on. When I got up, I realised there were at least six grown ups present. My grandmother smiled. My uncle protested and wanted me severely punished for this atrocity, but he got the same answer from her that I got many months ago, if your kids cannot defend themselves, then they deserve it.

From that moment onward, life improved at the mansion. Not that it ever become good, but it became bearable. My nieces and nephew started ignoring in stead of bullying me, and that was the best I could have hoped for. I think they saw in me some kind of savage and that was okay. Still, when everything became to much for me from time to time, I returned to my secret hide-out on the attic.

Another thing I had to get used to at the mansion was the presence of slaves. Being the eldest and with my parents out of the house quite often, I was already told to help in the household and had to do a lot by myself. Here in the mansion, everything is done for me. My bed is always made, my clothes are cleaned, I do not have to do the dishes, there is always good food, etc. Grandmother even got angry with me when I did ‘slaves’ work once. Initially I was a little horrified, but once I got used to the slaves, I was okay with it.

Three times a week, Cohel would keep on training me. Not to fight, but how to quiet my mind and relax. He was a monk and during our time together he had noticed that I have potential. Next to Cohel, I only had one other friend at the mansion and that was my uncle Martius. He was so different from the rest. He was Dottari officer who patrols the streets of Westcrown, not some well dressed nobleman who never loosens up. Martius
was relaxed and never bothered with protocol. I could play games and have fun with him. We romped the garden and I always managed to get my dress dirty. He came to the mansion on average twice per week, and I was always looking forward to his next visit. Martius offered me the only real relaxation.

After half a year, I was civilised enough to go back to my parents. My brother went next and my sister would follow him. I was not finished with though. My education would continue six mornings per week. I had to be at the mansion in time to improve my reading and writing and to receive general education in history and stuff like that. Now that I didn’t live there any more, I started enjoying my time at the mansion, especially with my brother and sister there as well. I was not the only outcast present. I had protect my brother and sister from my nieces and nephews a few times in the beginning, until it was clear to them that I would not allow them to do to them what they did to me.

I loved returning to my own house, but I quickly had to adapt again to the fact that I had to everything again that slaves used to do for me at the mansion. Travelling between the mansion and my own house was quite bad. At the mansion I was berated if I did slaves work, at home I was berated if I did not help in the household. As time passed by, I got used to it and changed my behaviour without giving it a second thought. Especially father is against slavery. He believes in freedom, but he dares not say that too loudly and only when we are in the privacy of our house.

My brother was greatly changed during his stay at the mansion. He almost became obsessed with Asmodeus and that religion. In the mansion there is a small chapel on the front side that can be accessed by the commoners as well. It has a separate entrance. When I lived at the mansion, we visited the chapel every day. We left the mansion through the front door to use the commoner entrance of the chapel. That way everyone could see that we paid homage to Asmodeus. But it was online lip service. In reality, everyone in house Rasdovain prayed to Abador. Not my stupid little brother. He just loved the rituals concerning Asmodeus. All my parents had ever done what was prescribed, and nothing more. Brucino loved the chapel and the rituals performed there and it was game over after he had visited the temple of Asmodeus in Westcrown. My parents, off course, were furious, but nothing could be undone. My parents, as can be expected by those who live their lives in the entertainment world, pray to Shelyn.

Aeliana Rasdovain

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