Westcrown is the largest city of Cheliax and the former capital. It has approximately 114,000 inhabitants but it used to be much more during its glory days. This is the division by race:

  • 100,000 – Human
  • 8,000 – Halflings (mostly slave)
  • 5000 – Other races

The city guard is called the Dottari.

The mayor of Westcrown is Aberian Arvanxi. It is a small fat man who does with taxes as he likes, such as improving his already huge and magnificent estate called Aberian’s Folly. Aberian is the leader of House Arvanxi one of the twelve mayor noble families in Westcrown. House Arvanxi is the not the most important mayor noble family in town so Aberian has to grovel before the other mayor noble families like Drovenge, Oberigo, Salsifer.


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