Tag: NPC


  • Janiven Key

    * Session1: Janiven is the one who brings all the potential candidates (player characters) for the rebellion together in Vizio's Tavern. After a short introduction, Hell Knights knock on the door and she leads everyone to the sewers. There she and …

  • Morisino

    * Session1: the boy crashes into Vizio's Tavern with news that [[:arael | Arael]] has been taken by Hell Knights. In the sewers he leaves with [[:janiven | Janiven]] * Session4: present in the hide-out when Aeliana arrives.

  • Arael

    * Session1: Companion of [[:janiven | Janiven]]. [[:morizino | Morisino]] witnessed that he was captured by [[Dottari | Dottari]].